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The pages linked to here are not yet fully documented or are still under development. Due to interest in the new themes I am posting the links in this page. If you have any queries/ dislikes/ suggestions, please send them to me via the eMail box or comment directly on the page. If you click on the link a new page will open, which is not listed in te top level menu.

Portfolio of Images is where I store a more comprehensive catalogue of my “exhibition” images, not necessarily according to a theme (although, by now you may have gathered that the theme around which all my images are crafted is the apocalyptic path that mankind is following).

Vintage Car Restorations are some images which I am developing, in keeping with my love of old things and hate of the modern consumer society where everything old is bad and the new short-lived rubbish is good. 1925 Rolls Royce 20HP is a car which was designed to be restored several times during it’s lifetime.  This car is being lovingly restored to original condition. I wanted to bring out all the grainy detail such as the grain of the timber of the frame and the hammer marks in the hand-beaten aluminium panels. 1934 Buick  This model Buick undergoing restoration is equipped with 4 road wheels as well as two spares either side of the engine. 1935 DeSoto Airflow SG with an interesting history. 1936 Chrysler Airflow Coupe C9 is one of the last remaining in the world. Other Wheels In the Shop show some more modern vehicles where I tried to bring out the glossy reflections and other grainy details. Since showing these images I have been asked to photograph several other vehicles.

Old Stuff like Teds Shed and other beautifully decaying objects and places which were once useful, loved and much used are of great interest. I’m always looking for scenes like this.


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