The Y2k Bug

Here’s the story about the Y2K Bug

No 1 of 25. Canvas print, stretched on hardwood frame. 121cmWide x 81cmHigh.

Limited edition of 25. USD 1100.

Ok, finally, here’s my story about the Y2K Bug:

As the end of the 2nd millennium approaches, the entire planet goes into a frenzy. Is this the coming of the holocaust, the end of the world, will mankind survive it? The doomsday clock counts down….

I kid you not, prophesies of our electrical power system crashing, airplanes falling from the sky, our water taps drying up, life coming to an end as we know it…abounded and were fed by media hysteria and those seeking a commercial opportunity. Small islands on the wrong side of the International Date Line ventured to transfer themselves to the western side so that they would be first to herald the new millenia…the fact that the actual year in which the new millenia would arrive was a matter of dispute and may have passed already, was of little concern.

The largest technical concern was a little computer bug named the Y2K bug. Due to the fact that older systems used a very short field of data to store the date, it was thought that some computers, robots, software, systems may not update correctly at the start of the new “computer date” millennia and our civilisation would crash around us…no lights or water, stuck in elevators…..

It was not known which systems would crash and a thriving industry of con artists and consultants sprang up to monger fear. People stocked up on canned food, bottled water, torch batteries, candles…some even dug bunkers. Would your fax machine correctly update? Don’t know, better buy a new one! Thousand page questionnaires (drawn up by millions of consultants) dropped into the mailbox from companies questioning each other about the validity of their products to survive…it would have taken another millennia to complete them, the bin was the best place to file them.

In a little square in Christchurch New Zealand, the lights glow, only one observer is around to enjoy this munificence of energy wasteage. A millennium cone has been constructed to mark this milestone in time. The lonely observer stands in the darkest spot in the square, scanning the night sky for a future home when this one has been used up. A dry planet is rejected, another beautiful watery world is too far. Nearby is a dark planet, wooded, close, easy to reach. Two eyes blink open and glow in the dark…the creature is hungry and has been waiting for a long time.

And the Y2K Bug? It is he, the lonely observer, mankind, who will bring an end to this world as we know it.

The Y2K Bug


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