Tribute to Christchurch

This is a short photographic tribute to Christchurch New Zealand following on the devastating earthquake on Tuesday 22nd February 2011. I am a Kiwi living in Melbourne Australia and I will never forget the great country which I love and lived in. We have friends and close colleagues in Christchurch and feel strongly for them and their damaged city. I have been fortunate to visit Christchurch regularly, I made a visit in August 2010, prior to the last big quake, shortly after that in November. I was scheduled to land in Christchurch on Wednesday 23rd October  and have dinner with friends in a restaurant in Papanui Rd, where many of the old buildings have now been damaged extensively.

Over the years I have taken many photographs and created my own images of the iconic scenes in Christchurch, Lyttleton (where the epicentre of the quake was), and Akaroa. Click on any image to see a larger version. The full size images have been printed on archival camvas up to dimensions over 1.5 metre diagonal.

Here is an image of Cathedral Square at night

Cathedral Square at night

Another playful variation of this scene is Y2K Bug which you can open in a new tab

And here is a self-portrait inside the Observatory stairwell at the Arts Centre

On a cold evening the photographer acts as an observer, alone outside, looking through the windows into the warm and cozy restaurants where people are feasting and enjoying companionship…
La Petite Croix, 3 Sol Square, Struthers lane, off Manchester St

 The building on the left was damaged in the first quake and cordoned off, the present status of these buildings in the laneway is unknown.

Struthers Lane from Manchester St November 2010

The restaurant is seen peeking out in the laneway.

Here is a panorama of the iconic ANZ Chambers as it was:

ANZ Chambers Building, cnr Lichfield & Manchester st, built 1915

One of the online gallery images of this scene from the Hawkes Bay Today can be seen at the url below. The entire facade is gone, the magnificent dome lies upside down on the street like a cap that has been tossed off. The same scenes can be seen in the online video below.

Destruction on this corner of Lichfield/ Manchester and High St can be seen in high resolution BBC photographs at

Cnr-Lichfield-Manchester-St, Excelsior Bacpackers on LHS

Excelsior Backpackers is the building on the corner of High and Manchester. ANZ Bank Chambers is on the corner of High and Lichfield, you can see the dome in this Google Earth photograph.

Cnr Lichfield High Manchester Google Earth
Another photo from BBC of the buildings in Manchester St
Google Street View of Manchester/ Struthers Lane


This news website published incredible images of before and after scenes taken from approximately the same location.

One of my favourite sites in Christchurch is a building which has been standing since the 1800’s, the CanterBury Saleyards building in Deans Ave Riccarton.

My Mother Told Me – Canvas 203cmW x 81cmH

 The title comes from the rather wry comment written on the wall:

“My mother told me to go to school, but did I listen? Hell No!”

And maybe these next images are fitting for the times that we are in:

The Last Sunset – Canvas 203cmW x 91cmH
Here is a scene from Summit Rd, Lyttleton, close to the epicentre of the quake:
Summit Rd, Lyttleton
And let’s not forget the Akaroa peninsula close by, which is a volcanic caldera, just like Lyttelton harbour. I captured this scene on the scenic road up the side of the caldera.
Hurtling Through Time & Space Canvas142cmW x 71cmH
“And speeding, across the planet’s face
Some creatures, called the human race
Lost in time, lost in space
And meaning…..”
Borrowed from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
After People – Canvas 91cmW x 137cmH

Completely alone on this earth, I stand on the ground, surrounded by the detritus of civilisation.

The sky above boils from the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

I look up as pre-historic birds fly over searching for prey.

Life starts again…..

The federal Government has approved donations to assist our Kiwi brothers and sisters, you may donate at:

For every image sold through this site (any image on the site created by me), I will donate 35% of the proceeds to assist our Kiwi brothers and sisters.

$1000 donated so far. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



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